BigFreud - 一位非全职电子音乐制作人,全职音乐爱好者,他是地下音乐厂牌逍遥派对的创始人之一,元炁成员之一, 2012年至今在全国各地组织参与了数次室内外电子音乐活动。从小对音乐的热爱和探索让他充分了解各类音乐风格,多年的游历、探索和经验积累造就了他出色的选曲品味和舞池把控能力。出于爱好他不断在尝试着音乐创作,现有两个制作项目,其中一个主攻Psytrance。曾受邀参与过:MIDI草莓音乐节|灵族音乐节|COOKINGCHENGDU FESTIVAL |VOOZOO FESTIVEL|NeverLand山谷电子音乐节|逍遥系列派对|乌蒙草原音乐节|元炁系列派对。 主要风格: Psytech Psytrance

BigFF (aka BigFreud) He is a part-time music producer ,but he is a full-time music lover. He is one of the founders of the noted underground music label which is called XiaoYaoParty, and a member of YuanQi . He organized a series of indoor and outdoor parties throughout the country since 2012. Love and exploration of music along with his early age helped him to fully understand the essence of electronic music and all kinds of music style.For the love of electronic music he start his own project (Bigfreud) which is focus on making Psytrance music. With years of djing and making music,his music have been very colorful and groovy.