KosmosZ, 雲羿派对&Void404发起人。早期是一名乐队成员,转型后从事电子音乐制作与DJ,制作过多首风格各异的电子音乐,并在多地举办并参与地下派对。他的混音中充满着科幻与迷幻元素,试图将舞客拉入一个未知的电子宇宙,高速穿梭在星系与星系的连接之中,并在旅行时重新思考人类更为深刻的奥妙。

KosmosZ, initiator of Yunyi Party & Void 404. In the early days, he was a member of the band, later engaged in electronic music production and DJ, and produced many electronic music with different styles. He also held and participated in underground parties in many places. His thick set is full of science fiction and psychedelic elements, trying to pull dancers into an unknown electronic universe, shuttling at high speed between galaxies, and rethinking the deeper mystery of humanity while traveling.