DJ Microgram, aka Redi, born in Tel Aviv-Israel. Was exposed to the electronic music at an early age, and is hooked on to the beat ever since. Redi began spinning the decks in 2003, back then he played his first set and loved it! The DJing virus had got him, and so DJ Microgram was born.
On 2008 he arrived in China and started passing on the psytrance legacy to the Middle Kingdom.

DJ Microgram, 本名Redi。他很早就受到电子音乐的影响,而后便一直为其节奏而着迷。
到2018年,Redi在专注了多年的迷幻电子音乐在大陆的实践和推广之后,决定是时候将自己的焦点转入私下逐渐爱上且着迷的另一类更加小众的音乐类型身上——Dark Progressive (前卫阴暗)