Taiga (泰迦), 位于西伯利亚叶尼塞河上游一块富饶之地,那里山川相伴、草木为依,河道旁的麋鹿与袅袅升起地炊烟形成了一块神秘之地。



Taiga is located in a fertile land on the upper reaches of the Yenisei River in Siberia. The mountains and rivers are accompanied by grass and trees. The elk next to the river and the chimney smoke form up this mysterious land. The Taiga (Hussler’s Personal Electronics Project) was established in 2014. With his band background, he spent four years to deeply understand and learn traditional nomadic music, and intended to find a new way of dialogue with electronic music.

As a producer, Taiga tries to pursue innovations in Humai and Shaman music and electronic music. Since growing up in a diverse background, he has long started a new experiment of integrating electronic music with national music. Taiga’s use of some national musical instruments and unique singing methods combined with the form of electronic music continues to bring people a psychedelic and free spiritual experience, depicting the mysterious freedom of the heart.